June 29, 2010

set for adventure

recently graduated and blessed with new jobs-- full-time landscaping for Dave and cleaning for me --, we are beginning to face the list of endless possibilities that these next few years hold. as of right now, we are pursuing heading out to Talbot School of Theology in La Mirada, California.

that would mean...

new part of the country.
20 minutes from LA (on a good day).
west coast sunsets.
great community of believers.
perfect weather, year-round (minus autumn).

as exciting as that is (and believe me, we are SO excited), it's a little daunting. being the organized over-planner that i am, i've taken the initiative to map out exactly what a move would look like-- cost, materials, time, etc. i freaked out when i realized that with God's blessing and provision, along with some hard work for the next year, we could make this happen.

i'm most of the way there to getting hired at another job, which would give us enough coinage to save up for the move. dave is planning to apply to the school soon, probably going for an MA in Theological Studies and an MA in Spiritual Formation (he could do a double degree if he puts all his electives towards a 2nd program).

we're itching to get out of SC and satisfy our hunger for travel. pray that we'll be content where we are for as along as God has us there.

the mrs.

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