July 10, 2010

caretakers of life

so i water flowers (for my parents, my landlord, etc.). i also think - sometimes. a beautiful moment occurred earlier this morning when both of these activities collided.

i stood beside a bed of flowers outside of my house holding a non-descript garden hose (you all know the kind i'm talking about) desperately trying to satisfy my OCD desire to spray the pefect amount of water on all the flowers. as i carefully calculated my h20 dispersement, my mind began to wander until i had traveled the road of 'free-association' from my action of watering the garden outside my house all the way back to adam and eve's care for the garden that was their house.

the thought of adam and eve caring for plants in the same way i was caring for mine opened up pandora's box in my mind.

i got to thinking. the instruction God gave to adam and eve to care for the garden is great; right? i mean what eCo-friendly, re-usable bag carrying, organic only person could argue with that? however, could God's instruction to mankind's parents actually carry more weight to it than just concern for the environment? i think so.

although more basic than say an animal or human, plants represent a vibrant form of life. adam and eve, after receiving the command to care for their environment, essentially were handed the responsibility to care for the life represented by their surroundings.

similarly, each of us, as descendants of the first parents, receive the same call to nurture and develop the life around us. whether plants, animals, or babies life is life and we must responsibly care for it.


the mr.

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