November 5, 2010

buzz-worthy beauty

It could be enthusiasm, or perhaps an innate salesman that lies deep within me, but I just can't help that when I find something I love -- be it a product, book, store, food, etc. -- I have to tell everyone!

I cannot stop raving about an organic shampoo by Desert Essence ( My choice of scent is Green Apple Ginger, and this particular shampoo has won two awards for its outstanding performance among competitors. It has absolutely transformed my hair since I began using it in July. I have wavy hair and used to have to either straighten it every day or use a lot of products to be able to work the waves. Now I can wash it and go, and it won't fluff up like a wet poodle.

What makes it so great? It doesn't have chemicals and hair strippers like most hair cleansers do. The shampoo won't suds up, so you do have to work it through thoroughly (and I usually let it sit in their for a few minutes too). After my first few washes, my hair still felt oily, but it stopped after a couple weeks of use. My scalp was so used to over-producing oils to compensate for the loss of them from regular shampoo.

Downside? An 8 oz. bottle will run you $9. The upside is that after a few weeks, you can wash you hair less, which means it will last you longer. I wash my hair 2-3 times a week now, and just rinse it thoroughly in between shampoos.

Blessings for a happy hair day,
the mrs.

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