November 11, 2010

can't everything have a "like" button?

Do you ever find yourself referring to real-life situations or responding to them by way of abbreviated digital speech? Just today I found myself come close to letting "LOL" breech my lips. Ashamed as I became at my apparent entanglement with the wireless world, I've got to admit that of all technological advances, Facebook has got to be one of the most fun (and addicting) websites to play on.

My favorite feature of our beloved social-networking site is the "Like" button. I often will be looking through a photo album and come to its end before I realize that I have just successfully "Like"-d almost every picture. Something is just so satisfying about letting the world know that I LIKE __(insert comment/picture/status update)__!

So in lieu of posting stickies on everything I like since the world is still sans the "Like" button other than on Facebook, I will be confined to simply listing some current likes. Advisory: this post may duplicate itself in many future forms.

I like...

This outfit. And I'm digging the bedhead hair look. JCrew, thanks for being so eclectic, stylish, and awesome.

DIY projects. They are the light of my life (other than Jesus... and David.. and, you know, other stuff). Right now I have about 6 projects underway and if I ever finish them, you'll be the first to know.

Publix pizza dough. It is SO fresh and SO good. Top with crushed tomatoes, FRESH basil, and good mozarella slices. Yum.

happy weekend!
the mrs.

p.s. all you blog stalkers out there... do the right thing, leave some love in the form of a comment. :)


  1. Dear Judy.
    See, my only problem with the "like" button is it is so easy to press "like" while leaving a comment or statement on something requires more thought.
    However, in the case of your blog....I "like" it : )

  2. I always stalk your blogs honey, I love them! That dough looks amazing, I want to try your pizza soon that you rave about! I also adore your style choices! The outfit pictured above is totally something you could rock. Love you!

  3. Oh my goodness, I have been on the verge of saying "Lol" (OUT LOUD) a few times as well. scares me to admit that.