December 7, 2010

true story.

Last night one of the most incredible occurrences happened.

On Monday nights, David and I have dinner in the CIU caf. After that, we part ways so David can go to Bible study and I can work out at the gym (see previous post).

After we had finished dinner, we got in the car and as I was dropping David off in front of Memorial Dorm, we leaned in for the typical married person peck on the mouth.

To our great surprise, just before our lips met, a giant spark exploded between our faces, leaving the tips of our noses burnt to a crisp. Yes, people, we received that all-too-familiar, rub-your-feet-on-the-carpet, winter "shock", on the nose, followed by a tiny, yet visible, puff of smoke.

The spark literally lit up the car. Have you ever in your life heard of such a thing?

I guess when we kiss, sparks fly ... :)

the mrs.

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