December 15, 2010

waiting, waiting...

As I sit here and wait for all 2100 pages of our new church directory to print out (which then must be sorted, hole-punched, and spiral-bound), I think I shall give you a few updates on our life, Roman numeral style.

I. Two days ago, I applied for 2 jobs in Cali! The first is a secretary position at Talbot School of Theology in their Spiritual Formation dept. and the second is a position in Financial Aid. I found out yesterday that the secretary position starts a little sooner than we'll be able to make it out there, so that's probably a no-go on that one. Honestly, I'm hoping for the one in Fin. Aid... it's something I've never done before, plus it pays more.

Please pray for God's provision of jobs/finances as we near the
start of this big adventure. He knows, and He'll provide. Pray
more so for our patience and trust.

II. We are going on a nice little Christmas vay-kay next Thursday. We'll be gone just over 2 weeks, which will include time with our friends and family in NC, as well as a week-long anniversary trip (hopefully to our honeymoon spot, fingers crossed). Having even just a short weekend away somewhere has become such a treat since we've been working full time.

Update: We got our vacation! Praise the Lord, a spot just opened up last night for the week we wanted!

III. You wouldn't believe the crazy phone calls I get at work. Today, a man named "John" called, looking to speak with our pastor, whom he had apparently met and conversed with at a recent MLKJ convention of sorts. Long story short, John is from Orange County, CA (where we are moving) and as we were talking, he began to realize (as he was looking at our church's website, where he had found the phone number) that I was indeed located in SC, not CA. He had the wrong "Woodland Hills".

Being the good southern woman that I am, I couldn't resist the opportunity for conversation, since he was apparently interested in theological things of sorts (his main reason for calling to speak with the pastor). He inquired about my beliefs regarding women in ministry/church leadership, conservative evangelicalism, and other such things, and we finally concluded at the 13 minute, 41 second mark (remember, I have those directories to finish printing).

All in all, it was kind of pointless, but I'm amused at the randomness of it and am thankful for the brief interruption in my day. I love my job.

peace and glad tidings,
the mrs.


  1. Love this!
    Random conversations are just great : )

  2. Oh how I love all of your blog entry's <3