January 17, 2011

all is fair in love and... war?

After 2 weeks of vacation and 1 week of snow, my husband has finally returned to work today. Sad and happy, all at once. I was incredibly spoiled to spend so much time with him, but it's good for us to be back in the rhythm of things (and making money for the bills too). As our second year of marriage has taken off in full swing, I'm realizing even more just how wonderful and blessed it is to be married to a godly man who loves Jesus.

Week 1 of no white flour has been good. As I mentioned before, there haven't been significant life changes, but when choosing from the dessert menu at Nonnah's the other night, I was forced to select from a different range of options. Going with the caramel brie was probably a better choice than the double chocolate mousse cake.

As for other news, there is a new blog brewing. I decided to make it its own site, separate from our personal blog. No promises, but I'm hoping to have it up and running by mid February.

One of the main problems I'm facing right now in getting the new blog going is my recent lack of camera. I was already having some problems with my digital, and yesterday the flash finally died. If anyone wants to contribute to the Judy Needs a Decent Camera fund, donations will gladly be accepted. I've been saving a small little stash for some time now to buy either the Canon Rebel xsi or the t2i (though it will be some time before the stash is large enough). Both cameras are great but I'm still a little indecisive about which one I'll end up with.
Thoughts on either of these? I am such an amateur when it comes to photography, so any suggestions are more than welcome!

happy martin luther king jr. day!

the mrs.

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  1. I am so glad you will still write about you personal life because even though I get to see you quite often and we talk for 8 hours non-stop, I still love to read what you had to say! When I come down in a couple of weeks I will gladly donate to the fund for my best friend!!!