March 4, 2011

Clean Eating - Day 3

My, oh my. Today's been one of those days that I thought I wouldn't make it through. The good news is.. I did. And the bad news is.. I didn't. I cheated. Just a little.

Have some sympathy! It was for a good cause.

Breakfast: Cereal with strawberries (the cereal was "clean").

Lunch: More yummy pasta! I sure did make a lot. Also, I consumed black grapes and raw almonds.

Snack: Cereal with strawberries. I felt like I was reverting back to college days.

Dinner: Pad pagri (basically a Thai version of sauteed chicken & veggies) with jasmine rice. Sorry there are no pictures. :( It was beautiful, delicious, amazing, and all other good adjectives. I will eat the left-overs tomorrow. No doubt.

The Cheat: Dave took me out on a date tonight. After whooping his tail at putt-putt (I love you, dear!), we were craving ice cream, so we stopped at Cold Stone Creamery. If you've ever been there, you know that as soon as you walk in, you're hit in the face with a wafting cake-like/confectioners smell. And it is to. die. for. Naturally, I couldn't resist. So I got a small bucket of blueberry batter ice cream with bananas mixed in. I'm crossing my fingers that there are no chemicals or "unclean" foods to be found in tonight's consumption, but just to show you how skeptical I am, I will not be checking Cold Stone's website for the nutrition facts.

I do feel bad for cheating, but I figured that maintaining health in my marriage was far more important than a food challenge. ((Yes this is just a big cop out. You can stop judging me now. :))

Tomorrow's a new day! Spending the day in Charlotte with my BFF Liz. Check out her blog yo.

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