March 6, 2011

Clean Eating - Days 4-5

Sorry for the delay in posting. I've been super busy this weekend and then I caught Dave's cold/allergy thing and it's drained me even more. I haven't been eating very much the last few days since I've been sick, so instead of telling you everything I've eaten, I'd like to just highlight a couple things!

On Saturday night, I drove up to Charlotte to see my friend Liz for the day. When dinner time came around, we went to Earthfare and picked out some yummy things make. The thing I love about Earthfare is that whenever they have in-house food, like pastries and soups they make at the store, they always give you the ingredients, and they are always preservative, chemical, and high-fructose corn syrup - free.
We purchased some spinach & fire-roasted tomato ravioli, some diced & crushed tomatoes to make a sauce, and naan (Indian flat bread) . Also, Liz got a natural soda. :)

We cooked up the ravioli and baked it with the sauce and some cheddar cheese. Yummmm.
Thankfully, it made for lots of leftovers!

Overall, the weekend went well. I'm still enjoying the challenge but on days when I'm busy, it really is a challenge! Simply for the fact that it takes a little extra time each to plan out meals and check ingredients in things.

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  1. AH! Omg, once again, I love your pictures! This makes me have an idea... :) Also, our food was delicious, I hope you liked it.