March 8, 2011

Clean Eating - Final Day

And we finish just in time for the start of Lent!

This past week has been busy and exciting. For starts, David got his official acceptance letter from Talbot yesterday! We had been given his acceptance verbally when we were in Cali a couple weeks ago, but this sealed the deal.



And now on to deposits and fees...

Also, I began my 2nd official month of personal shopping! It's more than just fun. I've learned a lot about the world of professional personal shopping and I've begun to pick up some new tricks of the trade in couponing, organizing, and saving money.

My job search in Cali has unofficially began. As I mentioned before, I had a general job interview with HR at Biola, and we're hopeful that it may bring some connections closer to time when we move. Also, I applied at a nanny agency, and plan to register with another agency that's specific to LA residents. If I can secure a job before we get out to Cali, there's a big fat chance that we can deduct our moving expenses on our taxes next year, and that would be amazing.

And as for Shape Magazine's 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge..

It has been hard, fun, and challenging! -- everything that it should have been.

I've dropped a couple pounds, I'm feeling better than ever, and I've had a ton of extra energy (though I've been sick for a few days, which I don't count). I'm thinking that I'd like to continue cooking this way as much as I can. With some great new recipes under my belt, I'm ready to conquer the world of processed foods and partially hydrogenated fats.

With Ash Wednesday today kicking off Lent, I am thankful for this coming Easter season. Though it may seem redundant to some, I feel blessed to work in an environment that, through the bulletins, worship service planning, and mundane paperwork, I am continuously reminded of the redemption we have through faith if Christ. Praise be to God for the satisfying of His wrath through Jesus on our behalf.

the mrs.


  1. Did you frame his acceptance, too? ;)

  2. You both are wonderful. I am happy for your happiness! MOM

  3. Amazing blog, I am so happy for both of you. You are SO amazing and GREAT GREAT GREAT things are coming your way.