March 14, 2011

Likes - March Edition

1. This beautiful loaf of warm cinnamon-sugar pull-apart bread. It was my first attempt at any sort of yeast bread, and I'm happy to say it was successful! Dave and I shared a small portion with our landlords and polished off the rest within the first day. It was heavenly. Heavenly. Absolutely heavenly. And if you ask real nice I might just make you some :)

2. Kroger. Now, normally I don't venture into the store but for the occasional book of stamps (it's near my work). The one nearest me is well known for its dim lighting, grungy floors, and disorganized layout (I'm so spoiled by Publix.) But today I went in, simply for the fact that they are having a Mega Event. If you live near a Kroger and don't know about these, check out Southern Savers for the low down. This morning I spent $34 and victoriously saved $100, or 74%. It's kinda sad that in a few months we'll be leaving our amazing southern grocers.

3. The Organic and Chic cook book. I've read it cover to cover about 3 times in the past week. It's amazing. It covers baking and decorating techniques, the importance of healthy eating, and has such pretty pictures that I've considered ripping them out to frame and put in my kitchen. I'm feeling pretty inspired to make a birthday cake or something.

4. My husband. With the hard economy right now and jobs being scarce to find, I am so thankful I have such a hard-working husband who toughs it out through hard days, sweltering heat (not to mention the poison ivy, mosquitoes, sunburn, etc.), and long hours. He is the best, and I am so grateful for him. I love you dear!

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  1. OMG I WANT TO TRY SOME OF THAT BREAD and if you want to make me a cake you can! :)

    Wait, don't do that, but I definitely want to try the bread!!!