May 19, 2011

74 days, hiatus over

Assuming I counted correctly, 74 is the number of days until we leave for the sunny west coast. Life could not be more exciting, nor any more busy, than it is right now. We took an impromptu and involuntary hiatus from blogging for the last month or so, mainly due to our dying (3) computers at home. I'm getting more and more behind on all the pictures I need to upload & edit for both the blog and our very-empty scrapbooks/photo albums. Soon though, very soon.

And speaking of soon, many things are happening soon. Here's just a few (in regulation list fashion)...

1. In 5 weeks, Dave and I will no longer have jobs. As said before, we're taking the month of July off to pack, get rid of stuff, clean out, do hundreds of miscellaneous things, and spend good, quality time with our friends and family. We are continually so, so thankful for the jobs God has provided for us over this last year. However, a much needed break is just on the horizon, and we're really looking forward to slowing down.

2. In 5 weeks, we will travel to Omaha for a week! Yes, it will take 2 days of driving both there and back, but we're prepared for the massive amounts of car-time we will clock this summer (and have already been doing...somehow???).

3. In just a few days we'll be ridding our
household of our very first dining room set. We got it from World Market right before we were married, and it's about the only new (quality) piece of furniture that we were able to get. We've loved it and have had many wonderful meals, conversations, and tea times with it. Since it's only a 2-seater, we purchased a beautiful new leaf-table from IKEA that can sit more than just us (yay company!). It's a little sad-- our first nostalgic piece leaving our home, only to be stained in our memories. Actually, it's not quite that sad. My sister-in-law is becoming its new owner........... but you get the picture.

4. In 67 days, a trailer from UPack will be delivered to our home, in which all our belongings will go. And then the real packing sadness begins. As we've already begun to swap new furniture for old, we've both been hit again with the realization that time in our first home together is quickly coming to an end.

5. In 6 weeks and 2 days, we will hit out 1 1/2 year anniversary. Hard to believe, and wondering where the time went, yet as the richness of our love and companionship grows, it sometimes becomes difficult to remember a time when we weren't married. We'll be spending it in the car driving back from the mid-west, but we're planning some sort of celebration during our trip.

Good-byes are hard. Just. Plain. Hard. I used to think they were hard when you got out of school for summer vacation and weren't going to see your friends for a couple months. And now, relationships will really stand the test. We'll no longer be just a day's drive away from any given friend or family member. We'll rely on phone calls & texts, emails and facebook messages, skype and snail mail, and even the occasional visit. I am grateful, though, not just for all the many avenues of communication, but for the fact that those people who are in the family of God-- we will see them again. Maybe in this life. Maybe not. For those, it will not be a true goodbye.

the mrs.


  1. Oh Judy, This is beautiful. I am sorry I was not able to see you again, but if I make it to Columbia in June we should try!

    Love you!

  2. Aww, Seester this made me happy & sad all at once. I'll be taking excellent care of your table - more good memories shall be made at it, I promise :).

    I completely understand that mix of emotions; this is such a season of transition for everyone. Love you guys, so excited to see what God has in store but man, will ya'll be missed on the East Coast. I mean...I was JUST getting the hang of Rook ;).

    So glad ya'll will have some time together and with family (like meeeeee) before you move. That dining room table will get a workout! ;) Love you.

  3. We are excited for you all! Let us know if you make it up this way before you leave!