July 8, 2011

24 days until the sun always shines

We're back from our vacation to Omaha, and what a whirlwind it has been! In just the last 3 weeks we have quit our jobs, been halfway across the country and back, said some hard goodbyes, and begun packing up our apartment.

For some odd reason, we thought that July would be a long, drawn-out, relaxing month of hanging out with friends and slowly packing up. But oh, we were very wrong.

We have been able to spend some good time with friends lately, but nothing has been slow about this month! Already a week has passed, and it's now only about 3 weeks until we leave. Ahh!
Amongst the craziness, we ask for your prayers and wisdom in 2 specific areas: jobs and computers.

I'd begun my job search back in January, unhopeful of actually landing a job before August, but thinking that I may be able to get my foot in the door somewhere. So far, not much has come of anything yet, but I'm still on the look out and trying to pursue some openings.

Realizing that we'll be arriving at our new home in just 4 weeks is a little scary since we don't have a secured income yet. I'll be the main bread-winner while Dave is in school. Please pray for God's provision, and pray that we would trust Him for it.

Our computers have pretty much called it quits on us, and despite numerous attempts to repair and recoop them, it's time to get new ones. The dilemma is this: Do we buy good, investment computers (more expensive) or something cheaper that would tide us over through the next year or 2? Prayers and thoughts would be so much appreciated!

During our 5 day trek across the country, we'll be posting regular updates on here and on Facebook. We hope that you'll follow our journey to California and be praying for us along the way. We intend our updates to be slightly delayed-- for safety purposes-- but we hope you will all feel connected with us as we travel.

If any of you want our new address, message me and I'll get it to you!

Grace and peace to all of you,
the mrs.


  1. Hey Judy, I have a friend that just posted up on facebook that they have a laptop coming up for sale...Thought it might be something of interest for you. I'll send you the info on facebook and can get you in touch with my friend if it is something that you and Dave decide would be worth it.