July 31, 2011

Our journey begins.

It's been an emotionally and physically draining month, and now it's over. Tonight we experienced a beautiful downpour, which paralleled our tears but reminded us of God's abundant grace that flows through our lives through ALL seasons of life.

Our truck is packed. The place is empty. We have nothing to eat. Good signs of a readiness to move. After a quick pit stop tomorrow morning-- getting a new radiator put in our car (long story-- good story-- details another day)-- we'll set sail on the open road for countless hours and endless miles.

Yesterday and especially today included many tearful moments. We knew saying goodbye to friends and family would be hard, but I'm not sure we anticipated heartache. We know we'll adjust and we know that we'll be back for visits, but this move is much more permanent than leaving home to start an undergraduate degree. Being married and thinking to the future-- and most importantly seeking where the Lord is leading us-- brings a different sense of "home" to our minds.

We do still intend to be updating Facebook and the blog throughout the week, hopefully at least once a day. We hope you'll follow us through our journey to the west coast!

Farewell for a little while.

the mrs.

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  1. I am at working and trying not to cry but it isn't working. I am so proud of you. I love you two so incredibly much.