September 5, 2012

Likes Post #4

Let's keep this short. No need to go into anything lengthy tonight. It is, after all, Tuesday, and I know that you and I both can't maintain much attention at anything over 50 words tonight. So we'll just dive right in, and hopefully keep this concise.

1. ARCONA Toner Tea Bar.
If it weren't for my fancy shmancy LA friend who works at an even fancy shmancier salon in Santa Monica (Google all the celebs who love this place!), I'd've had no idea about this wonderful product. It's basically soap. Except that... well, it's not soap. And you better not call it soap in front of ARCONA's estheticians. Trust me, they will correct you.

Dave and I both have started using this enzyme bar and have been amazed at how smooth, clear, and springy our skin has looked these last few months. Simply amazing. A little pricey, but it's a BIG bar and will last a long time. My fancy shmancy friend who gave us facials at ARCONA sold us on, and all the rest of their products. We just have to sell another kidney to purchase the rest. But if you're willing to make an investment, GET THIS STUFF. And they don't only sell it at the salon in Santa Monica-- some fancy shmancy department stores sell it too!

2. Eggplant Yarn. and Chevron Blankets.
I'm coupling those two together since they are just made for one another. I'm thrilled that I've pulled out the crochet needle to pick up my old hobby. After a ton of scarves and a few failed hats, I decided it's time to challenge myself again and actually finish a blanket. I'm totally obsessed with this purple-y yarn I found at Michaels and I'm even more obsessed with chevron patterns. Hopefully none of my family and closest friends will read this because... you're getting a blanket for Christmas.

3. Ballet.
It became public knowledge several weeks ago that I've been taking a ballet class this summer with my two good friends Bethany and Dayspring. While I am still such a beginner at the sport(?), I've come to acquire such an appreciation for the strength, perseverance, talent, and poise that it takes to put on tights and tutus and frolic around the stage like it's the easiest thing in the world. After my first ballet class, I was not only tired, sore, and sweaty, but I was also thoroughly embarrassed at how little flexibility, muscle strength, and balance I actually had.

Now that my summer class has ended and I find myself pirouetting through the kitchen and thinking over the ballet terms such as 'port de bras' and 'soutenu', I feel encouraged to both continue with my practice and to find a real ballet performance to attend. Culture and art appreciation, my friends... that's what it's about.

Au revoir!


  1. Oh, I love this!
    I love reading your blogs!
    That soap sounds AWESOME! (I want fancy schmancy LA friends...oh wait : ))
    And, LOVE the blankets!

    P.S. Ballet sounds AWESOME!

  2. I'm SO glad I didn't read this and figure out my Christmas gift.