May 29, 2014

Big news!

Well, I'll just spit it out:

We're staying in California!

As it will be to many of you, this news came as quite a shock to Dave and me. After spending the last year preparing in every way to move away from our SoCal home, it turns out that God had different plans. It took us a bit, but we finally realized that God shutting doors wasn't His way of making us suffer (what a silly thing to think anyways); instead, it was God showing us that our life was supposed to be here.

Even though we're not making a cross-country trip, which would include (but certainly not be limited to) making new friends, finding a new church, and starting over in almost every way possible, we are still in a transition phase.

We're transitioning from Dave being in school to working full-time. We're still (shock!) learning how to be parents. And the best part of all (in my opinion anyways) is moving to a new home. Goodbye student housing, and hello grown up apartment!

Seriously, we found such a gem of a place just a few miles away. We move next week and couldn't be more thrilled with our new home. I mean, what will life be like with air conditioning and TWO bedrooms? I'll post pictures after we move.

The other perks are getting to continue friendships, worshipping at our church, and having more SoCal fun. Before we decided to stay (which was only about 5 days ago), I'd well up at the thought of possibly never touching the Pacific again and leaving too many places unexplored. That was probably half sentiment and half hormones.

So here's to having a place to call home!

Long Beach.
I snapped this the first time Dave and I went to the beach after moving here.

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  1. How exciting! I must admit... I'm jealous. I miss La Mirada so much! Where will Dave be working?