May 16, 2014

Mother's Day, 6 weeks, and end of the semester!

We have a 6 week old child. Where has the time gone?

6 weeks old, on the way to my last post-op appointment. I think she was mid-yawn here.
 I'm praising God that we've made it, with a small grain of sanity, to Naemi's 6 week birthday. It sure does feel like a milestone, especially because so many things sort of start falling into place by this time. We've gotten the hang of breastfeeding, we can distinguish between different cries, we've officially had every type of bodily fluid on us at some point, and we've even managed to get out of the house a few times.

Whew. This parenting thing isn't for the faint of heart.

But among the sleepless nights and numerous loads of laundry, Dave and I have found so much joy in raising our little person. She has been such a treat to watch grow, and I love seeing all her new developments each week!
Sweet smiles.
Dave and Naemi gave me the best first Mother's Day a girl could ask for. It was full of flowers, food, movies at home, and snuggles with my two favorite people in the world.
For dinner, Dave made herbed goat cheese and asparagus stuffed chicken with grilled corn. Yum.

What a privilege to be a mommy to my sweet girl, and to have such an amazing husband to help me do it!

On another note, there is one week left of Dave's final semester at Talbot! We still can't believe our time here is almost over. A few days ago Dave was honored at the Talbot awards chapel for two things: making it on the Who's Who Among Students list and for receiving the Best Work of the Year in Systematic Theology award. I was one proud wife!

Next week will be full of graduation festivities, visits from family and friends, and, unfortunately, starting our goodbyes here.

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  1. Congrats you guys on all fronts!! So many exciting things for y'all :) Do you guys know for sure where your next destination is? (Personally, we're hoping it's good ol' North Carolina!) We miss you and SO want to meet Naemi!

    We're so happy for you guys!

    The Barths