July 10, 2014

And then our plans changed...

Two weeks after I wrote about our plans to stay in California, our world was shaken up again.

We celebrated Dave's first Father's Day on Sunday.
On Monday we were robbed in the middle of the night (while we were home).
Tuesday Dave interviewed for a job with a software company.
And Wednesday we received an out-of-the-blue phone call with an offer for a full-time position at our previous church in Columbia, SC.

What a week.

We stalled the unpacking (we'd only been in our new place barely two weeks) and began praying hard and considering our options.

Fast-forward a couple weeks later and Dave accepted the staff position at the church and we began making plans to move back to SC.

Also, the police caught the man who broke into our home, Dave's laptop was recovered, my purse wasn't, and we filed our renter's insurance claim (we'd just taken out the policy 6. days. earlier).

In all honesty, this was the last place we thought God would take us after our time in California, but we are excited for this new chapter to begin! Literally every plan we tried to make in the last six months didn't work out (from birthing to jobs to location). Now looking back we can see how God had His hand in all of this and worked out the details just as they should.

We move this coming Tuesday (I'm flying with Naemi, and Dave and his brother are driving a moving truck across the country). We can't wait to be back in the land of biscuits, sweet tea, humidity, lightning bugs, Publix, thunder storms, real seasons, green mountains, and family. That said, it's bittersweet leaving California and Biola after we got out hearts set on staying here.

In closing, our big chubba wubba daughter is growing so fast and so well! According to the pediatrician, her weight is that of an average one-year-old. So is her head circumference. Can't wait to share that at her wedding rehearsal dinner.

She rolled over by herself for the first time today, smiles like crazy, is at the beginning of teething, and has turned a new leaf in terms of sleeping at night. We love her so much and are filled with more and more joy each day as we watch her grow.

Already in an almost-too-tight 9 month outfit.

She chews on her fists almost incessantly.

Also, moving boxes in the background.

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