February 7, 2011

california reality

Our California dreaming is quickly becoming a reality.

Just a couple days ago, the hubs and I purchased two plane tickets to stay with two friends (hi Rhea family!) and take a tour of Talbot. That was a lot of T's.

We're going at the end of this month and could not be more excited! Our plan is to sit in classes, speak with professors, talk to financial aid, and meet with Biola's employment recruiter (fingers crossed!).

Last week, while Dave and I were discussing the trip, which was then 3 weeks away, I said, "Dave, this is so scary. Before we know it, we're going to be saying, "We're going to Cali in 3 weeks' but then it will be permanent!" It's hard to believe where the time goes, and that it's already less than 6 months till our move. We're still thinking we'll leave the first of August, unless a really great job opens up before that.

In other exciting news...

I'm finally getting a decent camera! Yayayayyayayay!!!!
We've consulted friends, family, and the internet (which one doesn't belong in this list?), and I think the final product of choice will remain a secret until we get it.

The secret blog is still in the works. It is taking a while to get it up and running, and looking good. I'm excited though to branch out and try blogging about a new subject.

To conclude, I will leave you with these thoughts:
1. The Civil Wars album is ah-mazing.

2. My husband sleep-talks...... a lot.

3. Christina Aguilera over-sings EVERYTHING (and leaves out important words/phrases too).

4. February is such a short month, but it packs so much (valentines, my bday, black history, 2 presidential birthdays, ground hogs day, and typically ash wednesday).

grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.
the mrs.


  1. Oh Judy,
    I just love your blogs : )
    I am so excited for you all! Moving out to CA!
    It sounds great!
    And...I agree about Christian Aguilera!

  2. The move here IS scary -- but it'll be so rewarding and you won't want to leave. I just know you guys are going to love the community here! (Which is making me sad that this is our last semester.) It'll be a wonderful experience for you and Dave to go through together, I assure you. :) See you soon!

  3. I'm SO curious if I sleep-talk...hmm. Also, so excited about your camera - yay!

  4. I am so sad and excited about your move all in one. Words could not describe how thankful I am to see you so often and have you back in my life. You are so right about Christina. If she would just chill out and just sing, it would be amazing. I love you!!!