August 3, 2011

Journey Day 2

We clocked 13 hours and 792 miles on Tuesday. Yes, it was long. And yes, we were tired.

After rerouting our trip early that morning, in order to cut off about 100 miles from our original intended route, we left Jackson and treaded on through Louisiana after crossing the good ole Mississippi River (left). That was definitely a highlight of the morning.

Being the small state that Louisiana is, we were in and out before we knew it and on to bigger territory along some old Texas roads. Passing through the majority of Texas was something we had originally planned to NOT do, ho
wever for the sake of saving time and gas, we headed on in, surprised at how much we actually enjoyed seeing the state.

Finally, after what seemed to be a near-death-ly 30
minutes of Dallas traffic (Dallas, right), we made our way through the city and finally arrived in Amarillo where we were unfortunately disappointed to learn that every hotel within our price range was booked for the night. So we picked ourselves up off the floor and pushed through one last half hour of driving, where we eventually landed in Vega, Texas.

The best part of the day was actually seeing some new landscapes, and the worst part (besides the lingering manure smell throughout a lot of TX) was the feeling of utter solitude along the highway for most of the day. For so many miles, you could see nothing but open, empty fields, with no hope of civilization in sight (not to mention a bathroom or gas station).

After Tuesday, we clocked in at just less than 1400 miles, which is more than half of the mileage we'll cover this week. Onward we go!

the mrs.


  1. Can't wait to read more. Praying for you guys

  2. Just think of Dallas traffic as a dress rehearsal of LA traffic.

    I'm here to encourage. ;)