August 4, 2011

Journey Day 3 & 4

There really weren't enough exciting happenings to put into two separate posts (not to mention that we won't have Wi-Fi again after tonight), so I thought I'd just rock these two posts together.

Our third day began by waking up to an amazing sunrise in the cool Texan air. It was breezy and beautiful. As the day went on and we made our way through New Mexico, the scenery developed into an even more breathtaking view than we'd seen before. Tall gray mountains and painted deserts with unending blue skies. We had a laugh when the only tumble weed we saw all day blew across our path on the interstate and we ran right into it. Poor thing... we demolished it.

We stayed in Flagstaff, Arizona which is a pretty neat college town (Northern Arizona Univ.).

After an early dinner we perused the historic downtown where we were met by charming shops and restaurants, and a little town circle where people surrounded a group of square-dance-learners. Exhausted, we headed back to our hotel and were headed fast into REM sleep by 8pm. The 2-hour time change in one day hit us harder than we thought it would. (FYI, parts of Arizona do not participate in Daylight Savings Time.)

Today, we awoke at 5:45am quite refreshed, and headed to the Grand Canyon National Park by 7am. There's really not much one can even say about how amazing the canyon was, so here are a few pictures (all were taken with my phone)...

We were met by several Mule Deer along the wooded rim of the canyon.

Sorry for the trees in the way-- I took this from my bus seat. I love how this captures the expansiveness of the Grand Canyon. We were told that it reaches 18 miles wide in parts and up to 1 mile deep.

This is my adorable husband taking pictures from an overlook. I mostly just wanted a picture of him, but the canyon is nice too. ;)

Off we go on our last leg of the trip! We expect to only have about 4-5 hours on the road. Pray for an extra dose of patience and grace with other drivers, as well as with each other. Also, we ask that you pray for quick arrival of our moving trailer. ABF told us today that our trailer is currently still in Atlanta, and it would be in LA as early as Monday, although they aren't exactly sure at this point. We could potentially be waiting a good week or so without any of our stuff.

We love you all and are thankful for your prayers and encouragement along our trip. You all mean so much to us and we could not have done this without your support.

the mrs.

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  1. "FYI, parts of Arizona do not participate in Daylight Savings Time" - this made me laugh. Such a YOU comment to insert. You have taught me much :).

    Praying about the trailing and for quick settling in! I know you guys will love your new home but I'm already excited about seeing you in Dec...for many reasons ;). Love you!