March 27, 2012

8 mo' to go

... weeks of the semester, that is. Eight more weeks until Dave's final exams are complete. Eight more weeks until campus quiets down. And that means... nine more weeks until out vacation. Where are we going, you ask. Don't know. Don't really care. I suppose in the next few weeks we'll buckle down and get our week off planned. For now we'll just relish in the vacation possibilities and look forward to a week or sunshine...
Speaking of vacations, we were really blessed to have had the opportunity to spend an evening in Oceanside, CA. We drove down on a dreary Saturday and enjoyed the foggy, overcast trek down the shore. I've never experienced something so beautiful that lacked so much color.
The room was a beautiful suite, complete with king-size bed and kitchen. You can tell what our priorities are-- sleep and food. And what a lovely weekend it was. I can't reiterate enough how good it is to occasionally get some good, alone couple time away from all the distractions.

Aside from that, I've been doing lots and lots of baking lately. It brings me such joy to work with my hands and craft something that brings delight to others (especially Dave). Last weekend I made a lemon avocado pound cake. I topped it with some yummy lemon curd and ate. A lot. I ate a lot of it. I ate a whole stinkin' lot of it. And since, I've been compensating with other more healthy options, like butter lemon asparagus.

I apparently have a thing for lemon these days.

x's and o's,
the mrs.


  1. I'm so glad you blogged again!

    Vacation...on the West have a bajillion options! Can't wait to hear where you all choose to go!

  2. Ahh, miss you guys! Love you, seester :)

    Also, it thrills me that you tagged this post under "lemon". Hehe.

  3. <3 <3 <3 <3 love this blog <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  4. Thank you guys for the sweet comment and becoming our first "subscribers" haha.
    We love and miss ya'll a ton! When do you think you'll be back on the East Coast?