July 3, 2012

Midsummer Night's Update

Is it always the case that whenever you think that life is about to slow down, it just gets busier? You'd think that with the school year ending (meaning: no school work for Dave and much less student volume in my office at work, and no school-related evening/weekend activities), we'd have all this free time on our hands. I suppose we do, but maybe it's just filled up so fast with all the things we've waited all year to do that life feels crazier than before.

Hence, the lack of blog updates. I'm not too keen on all the advancing technology and social networks media, but I am thankful that it allows for some quick updates and moments of connectedness.

For the last few months, we've been doing, well, everything. Dave finished his first year of grad school and is happy to say that he's received clearer direction from the Lord as to where we're headed with future studies. For the summer, he's working full-time on a dorm set-up crew at Biola. It's good hard work and he's got a great group of guys he works with, but I'm sure he'll be glad to get back to his studies in the Fall. ;)

I'm still plugging away at my job too. As I said, student traffic in the office has slowed immensely because of the summer months. We're all glad to have a bit of a break from the busyness in the office, but will look forward to seeing our beloved students again in August. Customer service jobs can be challenging, but for the most part, the students here are really super, and they make it all worth it.

A few of you know that we've struggled with transitioning to SoCal life. The people, the culture, the whole way of thinking is so different out here, and in ways that are hard to explain. There's this whole beach vibe going on, what with the warm weather and close coastal cities. And then there's the Hollywood/LA scene, and it's really evident how materialistic and appearance-obsessed people are out here. And, even in some Christian circles, it doesn't seem to phase people. It's almost common sense that you would have your nails done regularly, get monthly facials and massages, spend all your extra cash on BMWs, all while maintaining a clear complexion, silky strands, and a perpetual tan. Oh, and don't forget about working out 24/7.

Don't get me wrong, we're enjoying the huge variety of experiences that SoCal has to offer, but all under the prayer that God will keep (make) our hearts right.

I say all that because we are finally really starting to enjoy LA life. The museums and galleries, the theaters and observatories, the beaches and mountains, the availability of every sport/activity ever imaginable, the Hollywood movie premiers and book signings, the game shows, the shopping... oh the shopping, the food, the history, the people... the people!, even the palm trees-- we truly live in an amazing place with amazing opportunities, and I'm thankful I'm finally able to fully appreciate it.

We've also been very fortunate to finally be establishing good friendships. That was the hardest part about moving out here I think. Most people around us are as transitional as we are, so why invest in people who you'll only be around for a couple years? We've unfortunately already had to say goodbye to some great people, and we dread having to do it more next Spring. But for now we're thankful for the people who will spend time with us in our crowded and tiny living room, sweating from lack of air-conditioning, and eating my peach cobbler. Those are the good times.

And so to highlight just a few of our most recent adventures, enjoy a few pictures... all taken with my phone because, well, I never remember to bring an actual camera, and when I do, batteries are never charged. :)

In May, my sister Beth came to visit us after finishing her freshman year of college (yay!!). We did it up in Hollywood. Owned that town. And here Beth is holding the teeny tiny Hollywood sign.
Johnny Depp likes to preserve his privacy, so I promised him I wouldn't post any real pictures of us.
We vacationed in San Simeon (central coast) in early June.
At the Hearst Castle, we came upon the famous Neptune Pool. The Hearst family would often invite celebrities like Clark Gable to enjoy a week at their home, and this pool was one of the popular hangout spots.
San Simeon is a tiny town of less than 500 people, but it's famous for being home of the Hearst Caste-- here's a view of the castle's courtyard (one of them). It was impossible to get a good picture on my phone of the whole castle. This picture does it no justice!
While vacationing, we visited a portion of the beach that's known for its regular seal molting. There were hundreds scattered along the beach, some even swimming or playing together!
Dave and I often enjoy weekends at the various beaches. One Saturday, we enjoyed a cool morning at Seal Beach with hot drinks. EVERYONE was out fishing that morning-- we counted more than 50 sailboats on the horizon.

Until next time!... which hopefully won't be so long from now!

the mrs.


  1. Judy, I had no idea you had a blog. I LOVE it! :-) We really miss you guys. Thanks for being willing to invest in a friendship with us while we were there! Excited to read more blog posts!

  2. Oh Judy!

    It sounds so wonderful out there!
    I'm glad you guys are able to enjoy where you are living!

  3. Hey guys! Thanks for your sweet comment :) We love and miss you guys tons too!
    Judy, I'm SO sorry I haven't emailed you yet. I promise I haven't forgotten. It's half written and sitting in my draft folder... In fact... I'm going to finish it right now!
    We're really glad to hear ya'll are getting better adjusted to SoCal life and are establishing good relationships. The Lord is so faithful to help us :)
    We look forward to more updates and enjoy hearing about your life together on the West Coast! We love you guys SO MUCH.