December 27, 2012

Joy to the World, and half-way there!

Well, well. We're winding down 2012 and it couldn't have come faster. This Fall brought new meaning to the word "busy". Dave had his toughest semester yet, both academically and time-management-wise. Not to mention he was working 2 jobs in addition to a full course load. Whew. I sure do love that man. I think if he wasn't working, we'd be eating grilled cheese for every meal.

For me, I got to attend my first work conference in November in sunny San Diego! It was 4 days long, and Dave got to tag along. During our free time we took walks downtown, went shopping, ate exorbitant amounts of ice cream at the Ben & Jerry's shop, and strolled along the bay. It was refreshing, fun, educational, and a huge blessing to get away. We'd spent a little bit of time in San Diego before, but this time we really got a feel for the area.

Probably the best part was on our way home, per the instructions of my food-loving male co-workers, we stopped at Phil's BBQ for an early lunch. We'd heard that this place got busy, but when we arrive at 10:45-- 15 minutes before they even opened, on a WEDNESDAY-- there was already a line! So worth it, though. It definitely makes our recommendation list for anyone who visits San D.

Other than that, life has been as close to normal as we can call it right now. Dave's sister Sarah attended Biola this semester, and we're thrilled that she'll be back for another semester in the Spring. It's been fun to her here and get to know her better! Also, having someone who loves to eat Indian food is a perk too! :)

We're happy to say that as of last Friday, we're officially half-way done with Dave's degree and our time here! With only 3 semesters left, we're planning to make the most of our time by doing and seeing as much as we can, preparing Dave for the GRE in a few months as well as his application process next Fall, and keeping the invitation open to all our friends and family who want to come visit LA while we're still here!

We are still loving our church, Holy Trinity, and having a great time getting involved in different ways. The people there are so kind and welcoming, and we really appreciate the alternative way to worship and congregate with other believers. The quiet space they provide to reflect each week has been such a respite for us these last 6 months. Plus, it is exciting to be under the leadership of Todd Hunter (google him if you don't know!).

A couple weeks ago, my office had their annual Christmas party. The Man of our office (our endearing term for our Dean) carved the turkey and read us the Christmas story. Then we played games, won prizes, ate tons of homemade food, and at the very end, Dave showed up to help lead us in some Christmas carols! It really felt like a family Christmas, and the other party planners and I had such fun putting everything together.

The 2012 Biola Registrar Christmas Party
That same night, Dave and I threw our own Ugly Sweater Christmas Party. I just have to say how much I love our friends. They went ALL OUT with the sweaters. Sewing big Santa heads to their sweater vests, gluing on moose quilts, wearing too-small sweatshirts.... nothing made us happier. Not to mention out friends Robbie and Dayspring brought an AMAZING gingerbread house they made. They always bring the coolest food to parties, and it's all usually homemade and super delicious. Having such great company out here has really made all the difference in our experience.

As we head on into 2013 (and right past our 3rd anniversary in a few days... crazy), I'm excited to hone in more on some of my interests. I'm signing up for ballet again this semester, and yoga too-- with 2 co-workers! And I'm plaaaannnning to finish the chevron stitch blankets that I've been crocheting since the summer. Lastly, I am, of course, anticipating a year of great things in the kitchen. Not much makes me happier than food, and I'm thankful that I have such a willing husband and co-workers who will eat anything and everything I make. It's fun to have others enjoy your favorite hobby! If we didn't depend so much on my current paycheck, I'd just bake full-time.

And finally, at the end of this crazy year, I give thanks to God for his unfailing love, endless grace, and continued sanctification in my heart, in my marriage, and in my life.

the mrs.

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  1. Oh I just absolutely love reading your blog posts. It makes me happy to see you out there doing such fun and new things, but makes me sad because I am missing so much with you. I love you!