February 9, 2013

Happiness Inc.

Happy 2013! Wow, hello January. Sorry I missed you.

Here are a few things that have made me very happy lately:

When my dad and Beth came to visit us over Christmas, we made a mad dash for the Hollywood sign one evening (we got there in barely enough to hike it before the park closed).
 Followed by Millions of Milkshakes.
Sarah (Dave's sister) came out for a weekend recently and taught us how to make artisan bread.
Dave and Beth showed me up by climbing a tree. I was way too chicken (and in sweatpants).

Two of my (many) favorite things we received at Christmas:
homemade soap and coasters from Turkey.
 And, in the no particular order, things I'm looking forward to this year:

Enjoying my last birthday that I'll only need 1 pack of candles (thanks Roopa for pointing that out)

The Color Run 5k with my office family

Johnny & Ryan's wedding

3 other (more than likely) weddings

Summer half-Fridays at work... and Dave actually getting off at noon too

Catching Fire Hollywood premier in November

Finishing reading Wicked aloud with Dave

Spending copious amounts of time at the beach

Re-organizing my closet... again

Celebrating lots of new births (some only days away!)

Finishing the chevron blanket I started last summer

And much, much more... I just don't want to bore you. :)


  1. You're going to the Catching Fire premiere?! So jealous. That is going to be AWESOME!! :-) You make CA sound fabulous...Dave & I totally didn't take advantage of being there like we should have. Oh well. Still fun memories with friends (like a HP marathon :-))!