April 5, 2013

I welcome you, Spring.

This was taken at Seal Beach this Spring, viewing from the edge of the beach. The tall skinny palms of SoCal are one of my FAVORITE things about living here. I love how they line streets 
and beautify the landscape without obstructing the golden view.
Happy April and Happy Easter!

The clock is currently ticking down to these upcoming happenings:

5 weeks until the Color Run 5k.
7 weeks left of the semester.
7 weeks until South Carolina.
7 weeks until 2 years down.
7 weeks until half-Fridays at work start. !!
7 weeks until Beth and Justin's wedding.
8 weeks until Ryan and Johnny's wedding.
4 1/2 (ish) months until I become an aunt!
5 1/2 months until Jane and Bennett's wedding.

We're trying not to count down anything else at the moment. There are just so many things going on this year that it's sometimes difficult to balance looking forward and staying in the moment.

Something we're looking forward to tonight, though, is watching the last 2 episodes of Walking Dead with some friends. Watching a finale is just so much better with other people. Plus, we always lookin fo an excuse for a partay.

To end this Friday of Spring Break (no break for me, just the students), here's a picture a few of my dearest neighbor friends at In 'N Out on my birthday. They totally surprised me and even got all the In 'N Out staff involved.

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