February 2, 2014

31.5 weeks

A lot has happened since my last post!

Let's see…

Work and school have been back in full swing for the last month since our glorious 12 day Christmas break. It was a jam packed January, but things should be settling down a little now that February is here… thank goodness!

Dave is taking his final 3 classes at Talbot and working part-time as a research assistant at Biola's Center for Christian Thought. He absolutely loves his job and the flexibility it's providing us is priceless. I'll continue working full-time at Biola for about 6 more weeks, at which point I'll go on maternity leave. I know I'll seriously miss my co-workers, the students, being on campus, but… I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited about getting to catch up on sleep and getting to relax before baby girl makes her debut.

On January 2 Dave and I celebrated 4 years of marriage. We took a mini vacation over Christmas break to beautiful Oxnard, CA. It's a quiet little beach town tucked away just south of Santa Barbara. It was wonderful to spend some quality time together, sleep in a king sized bed (our queen is pretty maxed out right now with all the pillows I need to get comfy!), and just get away from our routine here.

Also, in the last month we celebrated Dave's birthday, had our maternity photos taken, and said goodbye to some dear friends who moved back east for the semester, all while tackling our massive to-do list before baby girl comes.

In pregnancy news, this third trimester is flying by! With each week that passes, I continue to be in disbelief at how soon she'll finally be here. Right around 30 weeks a new sensation came into the picture-- Braxton Hicks! It's exciting for me because I know it means my body is getting ready for birth day! They aren't uncomfortable at all, and it's fun to see baby girl move around more when they occur, like she's resisting the way my tummy is squishing her.

We don't have much longer till she's here, so Dave and I would both appreciate your prayers as we continue to prep for her arrival. Only 8ish weeks to go!

Taken at 30.5 weeks. Finally a cold enough day to wear a sweater!

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