March 26, 2014

39 weeks, we're ready for you baby girl!

Seeing as how I could go into labor at any moment now, I figured it'd be best to try to get one more blog up before our baby girl's arrival. Here's what life has consisted of as of late:

On my last day of work my office celebrated by bringing in lots of pies
since it was the day before Pie Day (3/14).
Since being off work, there has been Indian food, sorting of Naemi's
stuffed animals, and drawing our welcome board (Dave
gets most of the credit for that one).
1. Maternity leave! I've been off work for almost 2 weeks now, and they've been some of the best days of my life. Don't get me wrong-- I LOVE my job and co-workers, but getting to stay home in my pj's (which are… pretty much the only thing that fits these days), take naps, and break up my day with walks, light tasks, and rest has been glorious.

2. Smoothies. And ice. Lots of ice. Both of these things have been friendly companions throughout the pregnancy, but this last month or so I've been really getting into my daily pregnancy smoothie and eating a lot of ice. I'm finding that whatever I'm drinking is just a vehicle to get me a big mouthful of ice. Weird, huh?

3. Baby showers!! My wonderful office threw Dave and me a beautiful shower at work a few weeks ago, and this past weekend our dear group of friends blessed us with a really fun shower in downtown Fullerton. We were definitely blown away by the generosity and encouragement we received from both showers.

Details from my office shower that took place on Biola's Sycamore Lawn. The theme was "woodland creatures" and was soooo fun!
Favors and flowers from our 2nd shower, as well as my beloved diaper bag that was gifted to us that night.

My sister Jane sent us the adorable handmade quilt. We
can't wait to use it!
4. Signs of an impending birth…? I say that with a question mark because at this point birth is obviously very inevitably imminent. I've been having lots of "pressure waves" (Hypnobabies lingo for contractions) this entire past week, but no real pattern. Also, Naemi has continued to drop lower and lower which I am loving. Extra pee breaks are far easier to cope with than heartburn and almost no lung capacity. If my feet weren't too swollen to fit in my sneakers, I'd for sure have the ability (and the will) to pick up my long walks again, but alas… that will have to wait.

We'd sure appreciate everyone's prayers in the upcoming days/weeks… we are so excited to meet our little Naemi Joy and share her with the world so soon.

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  1. It sounds like you are loving your maternity leave! And, the parties sounds lovely. (Your diaper bag is amazing, btw!). It is quite clear that you are going to be one hot mama ;) I cannot wait to see your sweet baby girl's face!