July 13, 2010

spiral of updates

Why does life seem to be even crazier after graduation? I must have missed something, though I can't complain because it sure is getting better by the day.

My little sister, Beth, came to see us for a week! I'm beginning to see that as we get older and put our childhood bickerings to rest, a sweet friendship begins to grow out of sisterhood. We trade rivalries for companionship, and frankly, I like it.

We played putt-putt on the 4th at Frankie's -- such a blast. Never have I won a game of putt-putt before, or even done well! Throughout the week we attempted some puzzles -- a couple 3D ones. On our 3rd puzzle, a humongous 3D replica of San Fransisco, we failed miserably and put it to rest after several days.

Other news... I think I'll satisfy my linear mind and list out the highlights.

1. David got a promotion after only working at his new job for a month! He'll probably kill me for all the bragging I've been doing on him, but I can't help how proud I am!

2. California is a go. We're beginning the early stages of planning, preparing, and saving up. Every time I catch a glimpse of The Hills, my heart yearns for that place. Don't judge me:) I haven't been so excited about what God's doing in a while.

3. I finally have full-time work, praise God! I am the new administrative assistant at our church, or in other words, a glorified secretary.

Out for now.

the mrs.

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