October 30, 2010

and back!

Yes, we're finally back to the blogging world, after 3 1/2 months. I still have a hard time believing that summer was that long ago, perhaps because we've still had summer-like weather here in Columbia. Nevertheless, work has calmed down a bit for both of us, and we've got a little more time to post updates. So here they are..

1. My first work promotion/raise happened about a month ago. There's not much to be said about this, other than that it was a surprise and a huge blessing. Just another way that God has been providing for us.

2. This California trip is quite a massive undertaking. Packing up our lives, and all the junk we accumulated in college, and moving across the country (2376 miles to be exact) is requiring a lot of time, money, and careful planning. I'm thriving in the planning aspect of it, but I can't help but hold my breath slightly when I look at the cost of the trip. But praise God, He is providing the funds! We have planned out a budget and set an amount that we would like to have by July to cover moving expenses and a couple months of living costs. It's only been 3 months, and we are already 35% of the way to our goal!

With only 9 months until the move, it seems as if the trip is just around the corner. Our plan is to move the first week of August, beginning on Monday the 1st and arriving by U-haul (or other specified off-brand moving truck) on the 4th.

3. Christmas too is just around the corner, and I have almost completely and successfully finished my gift buying. Cheers to that! I've found some of the coolest gift ideas this year:

The portion-control wine glass. The lines represent different measurements. Great for counting calories, rationing wine, or watching alcohol consumption.

Hand blown Cali vases. I just love the dimpled glass and bright colors! crateandbarrel.com

This bowl scraper will help you salvage every bit of deliciousness. Heat resistant and printed on the front are measurement conversions. cheftools.com

4. Cheerleading season has ended for me. It was, once again, such a blessing (and, not gonna lie, a challenge too) to spend 4 afternoons a week with 10 awesome girls. I'll be posting some videos soon.

5. This makes me excited for Heaven:

the mrs.

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