March 23, 2011

life and leisure

Phew. What a busy month it has been. Here are some updates from our life this past month:

1. Dave got a raise! It was bigger than he originally expected, which was such a blessing. Having had such a tight budget for the last year has been tough, but we are really grateful that things have lightened up a little. It's been causing to reflect a lot on frugal living. More on that later.

2. We found a cheaper way to move to California. This has probably been the biggest highlight of our month. Have you heard of a company called Pods? They will deliver a "pod" (storage unit) to your house and then you can either store it for any length of time, or have it shipped directly to your destination. Yeah, way expensive. Well, lucky were we to find a similar company through ABF who will do the same thing for you at less than half the price. It's costing us less money to ship our stuff in a pod and take a leisurely 5 day drive across the country, than it would be to haul everything in a truck and drag our car with us (and do it all in 4 days).

3. And speaking of the California trip... we are 79% of the way to our savings goal! I can't believe we pull out of here in just over 4 months! We've planned to take off the month of July so we can spend that time visiting with friends and family, selling a lot of our furniture, and just relaxing.

4. My cooking adventures have been ongoing. Since I've had some requests for recipes of food I've posted, I'm working on a blog where I can keep all of that. I'm thinking that most people who read this do so to stay updated on our lives, and probably won't want to sort through a bunch of recipes. The other night I made this Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding and I topped it with some coconut I toasted. Yum-Tastic. I've been toying around with the idea of pudding for a while now, and am contemplating a mint pudding...? We'll see about that one. And yes, you guessed it, I did not give up sweets this year for Lent. I had a new epiphany this year about the Easter season that I will share in a separate post soon.

the mrs.


  1. Wow, you are seriously an amazing cook. Wow. That looks absolutely amazing. When I see you in April I want these recipes. Love you, you're fantastic.

  2. My grandmother makes Chocolate Mint Pudding....SO good!